Saturday, January 30, 2010

free stuff and a barbie cake

Today I finished making a 50th birthday Barbie cake. It was the first time I made and used fondant, so I really enjoyed that part. I had problems with the icing setting as well as transporting the cake, so that's why the top tier slid a little to the right. Oh well. The birthday girl still seemed to like it.

Now that I'm all done with worrying about the cake, I can start on making a rag quilt for our toddler bed. Oh yes, I found a toddler bed on freecycle. It's just like new, the exact one I would have picked out in a store (It matches well with our crib), and oh yeah.... it was FREE!

I have said before on facebook that I would post directions on how to make a rag quilt. I still will, I promise! I'll be taking pictures of the process with the new one I'm making.

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