Friday, November 19, 2010

busy bee

Oh boy... Thinking about all I need to accomplish from now until Dec 5th is putting me in a little panic!

This weekend I am PRAYING that we can get our bathroom remodel done in time for Thanksgiving and my Bead Party on Dec 4th.

I am also going to be getting a few things done ahead of time for thanksgiving dinner.

I am making a birthday cake and it must be completed on Dec 5th. I'm planning on baking it the beginning of next week and putting it in the freezer. The cake is going to be huge! It's a 3D helmet from the video game Halo Reach. I also will need to make huge amount of marshmallow fondant for this cake and color it. I'm hoping to do this this next week as well, as it stays fresh for weeks.

Then of course I need to clean the house for Thanksgiving.

Then after Thanksgiving I need to clean again and decorate the house for Christmas, since the Bead Party after all is a Holiday Bead Party.

I'm hoping I can get the carpets steam cleaned over Thanksgiving weekend.

And last but not least, this weekend I need to empty and clean our spare room. Currently it holds our computer desk, treadmill, sewing supplies, and Christmas decorations. This is because our good friend Apryl will be living with us while she continues college.

*shudder* This list scares me. Lets hope I can get it all done!


  1. My son would FREAK for a Halo helmet cake. You must show me pictures.

  2. We really appreciate it :) But if it will be too much work honestly do not worry. We are Gumby...always flexible.