Saturday, January 30, 2010

free stuff and a barbie cake

Today I finished making a 50th birthday Barbie cake. It was the first time I made and used fondant, so I really enjoyed that part. I had problems with the icing setting as well as transporting the cake, so that's why the top tier slid a little to the right. Oh well. The birthday girl still seemed to like it.

Now that I'm all done with worrying about the cake, I can start on making a rag quilt for our toddler bed. Oh yes, I found a toddler bed on freecycle. It's just like new, the exact one I would have picked out in a store (It matches well with our crib), and oh yeah.... it was FREE!

I have said before on facebook that I would post directions on how to make a rag quilt. I still will, I promise! I'll be taking pictures of the process with the new one I'm making.

Friday, January 29, 2010

An update on "Kutie's" heart

Kutie and her Mommy
On Tuesday, Kutie had open heart surgery at our local Children's hospital. Her dad has reported that she's doing very well! The doctors were able to get what they needed to done. As of Thursday, they already had her drinking water and eating yogurt. They're expecting her to be taken out of the ICU today. Nick and I are planning on visiting Kutie and her mom as soon as this happens.
Thank you all for your continued prayers for Kutie! Please pray for a quick recovery and also for her mom, who has stayed with her this entire time. I can't imagine how draining this is on her.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

still here

What can I say?
Life seems to be crawling by right now and honestly I haven't been inclined to blog lately. I've been feeling sluggish and have been content with keeping my nose in books lately... and not doing much else. I'm coming around though. It's a hard time of year. The perpetual gloom gets to me. A part of living in Washington state, I suppose. Where the sun only greets us a handful of times each month during the fall, winter, and early spring months. Not saying I'd ever want to leave though - it's lush green and beautiful, and it's home.