Sunday, November 29, 2009

why is life so complicated?

First I want to say sorry to you few blog readers out there... I've been slacking :) There's so much I want to say, really vent, about. I don't feel I should share all the details as to what's been going on, but let me tell you it has been very stressful.
These past two months we have been in a "situation" with our adoption. On Thursday things got waaaay more complicated. Honestly, it's something I never would have expected... totally out of left field! Anyway, we're dealing with that right now and are waiting to see how it plays out.
We now have a very important decision to make. I will eventually share this with you, but feel it's not the right time yet. We are pretty sure what our decision will be, and it does bring joy to my heart during this otherwise stormy time.
I keep thinking that I wish I could fast forward time one year, to see how it all works out.

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  1. You guys are in my prayers! Know that we are united in Christ, and even though I may not know all the details surrounding your situation...God does and that is what matters. Don't forget that He never gives you more than you can handle...even though it may seem like He is entrusting you with too much right now.

    God has a plan through all of this and we just have to continue having faith in Him that he knows best.

    God bless you and keep the faith strong!