Sunday, December 19, 2010

our first egg

This morning when I let my girls out to free range, I peeked in the laying boxes and there it was - our first egg!
I'm 99% positive it was Lizzie, my Dominique, who layed it. For the past week, she's been clingy when I'm outside and VERY talkative, which is not normal for any of my hens. Also, she would let me pet her (again, NOT normal) and when I did she would squat and put her bum in the air.
The egg was bigger than I had expected, a medium brown with a few darker brown speckles on one end, the shell was nice and hard, and it was a double yoker.

Look how orange that yoke is! This is what an egg is supposed to look like, not yellow like in the stores.
And yes, I was so excited that I ran in the house to show Nick and did a little happy dance. :)

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