Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This past week has been busy.

Last Wednesday I took the day off to clean our horrendously unorganized garage. Instead, I involuntarily had an emotional melt down. A good friend came down and had lunch at our place. That helped turn things around. On Nick's way home from work, he picked up Chinese takeout for dinner. Little did I know there is a new pet store right next door. We have a bad track record with pet stores (some of you may remember Chuck the hamster - rip) but he went in anyway. He debated bringing home a 3 month old minpin/dingo mix puppy. In the end he didn't.

Friday on our way home nick mentioned that we were driving past the pet store, so we went in so I could see how cute she was. I had no intention of buying. We went in and sure enough, she was adorable! Not only that, when I put her down and started walking away, she looked so sad and was jumping and watching me. I melted of course! So after some debate, we decided to buy her. I've always wanted a small dog and we would like to get James another playmate before Chewie dies. No, he's not dying now, he's just getting older and is a VERY large dog.

We brought the dog home and James, our smaller but incredibly emotional dog, didn't want ANYTHING to do with the new puppy - whom I named Bella. This went on all Friday and Saturday. Bella was such a sweet and loving puppy, but it wasn't fair to put James through the emotional trauma he was clearly displaying. We knew things wouldn't work out, so on Saturday we found Bella a new home. I think she'll be very happy there.

Sunday we did nothing. We stayed at home, watched "The Invention of Lying", and just vegged around the house. It was nice after the emotional evening due to giving away my puppy the night before.

Monday I had the day off. I love when Federal holidays come around! Nick had to work, so I decided to start working on our garage. It's probably 1/3 done, but I was working the ENTIRE day. Luckily I belong to our local Freecycle group, so I was able to get rid of nearly everything I wanted gone.

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment and later in the day, a doctor appointment. In between those, I was able to squeeze in some work. My doctor appointment went very well. I feel like she has the same concerns that I do regarding an issue I have, and I'm finally getting it tested tomorrow. That will take a load off my mind... once we know one way or another. On our way home our car acted up yet again, so our wonderful friend Luke, who is a mechanic, is going to try to figure out what's wrong. I think that Nick & Luke think it's just me and not the car... I can't help it if it hates me!

Only three more work days, then the weekend!

Nothing new on both adoptions...

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