Friday, February 19, 2010

whew, tgif

It seems like when ever I have a 4 day work week due to a federal holiday, things get extra crazy at work. Thank goodness it's Friday folks! I don't know if I could have done another day and still stay sane (ah, the irony).
Tonight we are going out with some friends to a Teppanyaki restaurant. This will be a nice way to wind down the week.
One thing that has made this week better than it could have been is the traffic. Months before the Olympics, local radio and news anchors have made comments on how traffic on the interstate going to Canada would be horrible. Everyday Nick and I have a 74.88 mile commute round trip, 39.40 miles of this commute is on said interstate. Much to our surprise the Olympic games haven't cause complete chaos.
It's the little things that makes life easier that I really appreciate on weeks such as these.

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